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Our Services

E. Holdings, Inc. provides technical services in the areas of professional engineering, project and program planning, project management, infrastructure GIS-based mapping and inventory creation, construction inspection, risk evaluation, rehab planning and design, and data analysis. Our team helps connect people to their built environment by lending our technical expertise to infrastructure projects, particularly in water and wastewater management for our region’s authorities.
Our Community Engagement team are experts in the development and implementation of effective public outreach, public participation, and strategic planning programs that focus on mobilizing stakeholders and generating public buy-in. We operate on the premise that public participation and outreach is one of many elements needed to spur economic growth and create sustainable and prosperous development. The Community Engagement team builds and strengthens the bridges that connect our clients to their intended audiences and connect individuals to the changes occurring in their communities.
E. Holdings, Inc. provides management services for Program Management and Construction Management projects for our region and beyond. Our management experts ensure projects are on time and on budget, while overseeing goals for tasks are met by project personnel. In the approach to substantial completion, oversight expertise is most critical in order to ensure that project close-out is a success and the client is left with a blueprint for future management.
Strategy development, technical support, and professional services focused on both new construction and community revitalization initiatives necessary to create vibrant commercial, residential, and industrial resources to support the needs of present and future generations.

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