Our Team

Our Team

Our team possesses expertise in community engagement and outreach, communications, engineering, GIS, construction management,  project management, and real estate development.   E. Holdings, Inc. team members have been integral in community revitalization and public works projects over the past ten years. Due to our staff’s roots in the Pittsburgh region, our team has a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing our region and the nation as we move forward from our industrial past, update our infrastructure, and revision our communities to fit our modern lives.

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Executive Team

Staff (E-Team)

Sam Bennardo – Projects & Operations Specialist

  • Sam is a Projects & Operations Specialist and has extensive experience in operations management, customer service, administration, and event planning. He ensures that things run smoothly at E. Holdings, Inc. and is known for his organization and practical management skills. He has a “get things done and get them done right” work ethic with the belief that everyone does their best in a well-organized and smoothly run inviting environment.  By applying the same attention to detail utilized in his design career he helps to ensure the day to day operations of the company run smoothly. As someone with a design background he understands why environment and surroundings are an integral part to one’s community.

Michelle Hoyle – Projects & Operations Specialist

  • Michelle Hoyle serves as Projects & Operations Specialist using her analytical, communication, and management skills to facilitate day to day operations for E. Holdings, Inc. Her 13 years of project operations experience, allow Michelle to streamline internal processes, improving efficiency, and providing superior service. With a background in human resources, Michelle assists in training and staff development, furthering overall team goals.

LaTonya Turk- Project Controls Specialist

  • Understanding the principles of cost control and scheduling is essential to project controls and the success of any project.  As Project Controls Specialist, LaTonya Turk delivers on these principles with more than a decade of experience in financial controls and human resources. She assumes leadership roles in the crucial project kick-off and close-out phases; ensuring projects are completed on time and budget. Throughout the inception and duration of the project, she is responsible for developing estimates and researching of historical data of hours, costs, and pricing to support the estimates.  Through her expert planning and scheduling, LaTonya ensures that projects are successful.

Allison Hunt – Executive Assistant & Operations Specialist

  • Allison Hunt closes the gaps when it comes to connecting people and place. Allison serves as Executive Assistant & Operations Specialist for E. Holdings, Inc.  She provides enhanced executive support on a day-to-day basis to Mr. Irvin Williams, founding owner of E. Holdings, Inc. Bringing years of operations and HR experience to her current role, she plays an integral role in the onboarding process at E. Holdings, Inc.  She works to ensure diverse staffing goals are achieved in compliance with Equal Opportunity and Affirmative action guidelines and E. Holdings, Inc. standards.  Her detail-oriented work ethic and project planning expertise allows her to lend assistance to various company projects during their crucial kick-off and close-out periods. 

Kellie Cominsky – Associate Project Manager

  • Kellie Cominsky is a Associate Project Manager experienced in community planning and outreach, event planning, grant writing, and GIS. Her past projects include creating maps and original project deliverable design to support county planning initiatives.  Kellie curates daily content for E. Holdings, Inc.’s social media accounts.  She also assists in firm branding and marketing, and serves as a representative for E. Holdings, Inc. at community and industry events.  Her diverse skill set and multi-disciplinary education make her extremely adept at handling a wide-range of tasks and challenges. Kellie desires to help communities work toward achieving a sustainable future that improves on its past. She knows that the more a community invests in itself, the more dividends it will reap in the long term.

Lona Stagger – Communications Coordinator

  • As Communications Coordinator, Lona Stagger connects people and place by continuing her mission to help ensure city residents have equal access to opportunities and community amenities that make their neighborhood home. Ms. Stagger supports the Community Engagement Department’s various projects by providing outreach and project support as E. Holdings, Inc. reaches into communities; coordinating project stakeholders to achieve buy-in and public support.  She also supports projects administratively providing document control support and maintaining project databases.

Janette Williams – Communications Specialist

  • Janette Williams possesses technical expertise that serves as the basis for her career success that spans project management and operations support.  Ms. Williams above all else ensures that standards of customer services are met and upheld throughout all stages of a project.  She maintains a level of confidentiality necessary when recording sensitive project details and managing staff or customer information.  As our E. Holdings, Inc. team reaches out in the communities of Pittsburgh we serve, Janette is there to help manage the resources needed to serve them.

Christine Barton – Engineer

  • Christine Barton is a seasoned registered civil engineer and land surveyor with expert experience in water resources design for civil/site projects including layouts, utility plans, permitting and coordination/management of field survey work.  She has successfully held positions as project manager, project designer and office manager to serve the needs of the clients within the residential, commercial, military, industrial and healthcare industries. Core proficiencies include coordination with local planning agencies, county conservation districts, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Dave Broniecki – Engineer

  • Dave is a NASSCO certified Engineer who provides expert support in data analysis and the processing of CCTV footage. He is also highly skilled in coding, and frequently assists the communications team in the generation of reports and modification of data. He strives to help the team whenever necessary so that together they can meet all their clients’ needs. When not in the office he enjoys attending concerts and playing music, showing his talents are creative as well as analytical. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Cody Crone – Engineer

  • Cody is a NASSCO certified Engineer who assists the technical services department with data management and quality assurance, and is also responsible for the review of CCTV footage. Cody prides himself on his alternative approach to problem solving. He combines his scientific knowledge with a very personal love for the environment, and strives to always respect the latter as he works to further economic development. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Frank Norris – GIS Analyst

  • Frank is a GIS Analyst with the data management team, providing mapping and database management for an in-depth municipal assessment project for the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN). He brings an extensive background in mapping and database management programs including ESRI ArcMap, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and EqUIS Database systems. Along with his experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, he also has an abundance of knowledge from his prior experience with Royal Dutch Shell as the embedded Geomatics support for the Environmental and SIMOPS Pad Planning Teams. His dedication to improving the environment is apparent through his work, and his appreciation for it drives him to excel in his career. He graduated from Mansfield University with a BS in Geography.

Roger May – Field Supervisor

  • Roger is a NASSCO certified Field Supervisor. He is a licensed Master Plumber and an experienced MEP Coordinator. His many years in the construction fields and trades allow him to make well-informed decisions and assist in effective problem-solving when working on complex building applications as they apply to specialty building projects. He also brings a positive energy and a “team player” attitude to all situations. Roger graduated from the Connelly Trade School with a MS in Plumbing.

LaWarren Rush – Field Coordinator

  • LaWarren Rush serves as Field Coordinator and is responsible for executing field operations for assigned projects. He brings over 20 years of technician experience in performing his day to day tasks. His area of expertise include plumbing, HVAC, and project management. LaWarren is committed to ensuring safe and quality work performance every day.


Our team is composed of industry leaders and promising young talent across various disciplines.  As a company, we understand the need to continually deliver our clients more than promised. How can you help us do this?

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