Our Services

E. Holdings offers a full range of services to help new and existing clients achieve their vision. Our expertise in communications allows clients to reach stakeholders and generate support for highly complex projects and innovative initiatives. Our networking capacity and links to community leaders provide unique opportunities for public outreach and engagement. E. Holdings’ technical services and expertise in real estate development offer the range of expertise needed to support both new development and community revitalization initiatives. Our information delivery and technology services ensure that our clients have all the support they need for information management as part of complex technology programs. The diversity in our expertise provides clients with a one-stop shop where they can work with experienced professionals who can deliver services on time and at budget.

  • Communications

    Development and transfer of information or messaging from one party to another in a manner that elicits a desired outcome.

  • Public Outreach

    Strategies, programs, and activities designed based on the belief that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision making process.

  • Technical Services

    Strategies and resulting programs and activities aimed at creating, promoting, protecting, and/or reinforcing a particular public image.

  • Information Delivery & Technology

    Aspects of data management from developing analytics or data strategies through to implementing solutions.

  • Real Estate Development

    Support for community organizations and government entities as they plan for and implement programming in communities throughout the region.

The complex process of sharing information and ideas with a diverse population by effectively crafting messages through multiple mediums to acknowledge the audience served, cultural differences, and intended goal of the communication process.


  • Communications strategy development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Graphics & collateral design
  • Special event coordination

With roots in economic development, E. Holdings has served the Western Pennsylvania region with services that add value to our municipal, community, and institutional client base. E. Holdings is committed to the use of public involvement processes as a general business practice to ensure that the public is effectively and meaningfully engaged in projects impacting some of Pittsburgh’s most prominent urban neighborhoods.

E Holdings’s expertise is in the implementation of effective public outreach and community relations programs, and strategic planning programs that focus on connecting stakeholders to their built environment. The expertise of our staff and strength of our professional relationships allow us to implement public participation programs that are specific, purposeful, and productive. We operate on the premise that public participation is one of many elements needed to spawn economic growth and create sustainable and successful developments.

Based on the belief that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process, a public participation or public involvement process is typically mandated by a governing body. It requires use of a wide range of tools and processes for active and meaningful involvement of the public in the planning and development of public projects (usually public works projects).


  • Public participation strategy development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Management of stakeholder participation processes
  • Public outreach, awareness, and education campaigns
  • Community visioning, planning, and organizing
  • Research/stakeholder identification
  • Issues identification and prioritization
  • Facilitation and consensus building

Strategies, programs, activities, and services focused on promoting, creating, protecting, and/or reinforcing a particular public image or development outcome. These services run the full spectrum from creating a positive relationship or image with the public and community to providing the technical expertise to maintain positive relationships with regulatory agencies, general and special purpose governmental units, environmental agencies, and community development leaders.


  • Professional engineering
  • GIS-based mapping
  • Data management
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection tools
  • Public outreach, awareness, and education campaigns
  • Web based technology
  • (NASSCO) certified.

E Holdings provides technical services in the areas of: professional engineering, project and program planning, infrastructure inspection, GIS-based mapping, assessments, and evaluations, and data management and document control. Our staff engineers and technical specialists have a broad range of experience in infrastructure projects, particularly in the water resources, wastewater management, and municipal sectors.

At the core of our technical services are GIS-based and web-based technological platforms for data gathering, processing, archiving, and presentation. Our field teams use sophisticated data gathering tools such as closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection tools and GIS mapping tools. Our technical department is proficient with a wide variety of programs including ArcGIS, ArcMap, SDE, AutoCAD, InfoNet, GeoCortex, EQuIS, MS Excel, MS Access, WinCan, SolidWorks, and Matlab. Our inspection and evaluation teams are National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) certified.

Our technical team understands how crucial it is to ensure the successful outcome of all projects and we do that by ensuring all documentation processes adhere to business, contractual, safety, and regulatory rules. Effective technical services and data management ensure all project content is readily available, properly tracked and controlled, and safely stored.

Information Delivery & Technology is an exciting and thriving area of E. Holdings’ consulting practice. The Information Delivery & Technology team provides clients with advice and delivery support in Information Management as part of complex technology programs. We help our clients with all the aspects of data management from developing their analytics or data strategies to implementing solutions to deliver their strategy. Our consultants possess strong communication skills with the ability of communicating any complicated concepts to business audiences with ease. They are data enthusiasts and are keen on tackling complex technical challenges and delivering tangible value for our clients.


Evaluate: Assistance with identifying a problem, gathering information and recommending solutions.

  • Requirements Definition / Gap Analysis
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Software Selection
  • Internal Control Assessment
  • Risk Assessment

Implement:  Assistance with implementing technology solutions.

  • Project Management – for technology implementation
  • Software Package Implementation
  • Documentation and Testing

Operate and Review:  Assistance with reviewing ongoing technology operations.

  • Business Application Review
  • Business Continuity Planning/Review
  • Information Technology (IT) Audit and IT Controls Testing/Review

Strategy development, technical support, and professional services focused on both new construction and community revitalization initiatives necessary to create vibrant commercial, residential, and industrial resources to support the needs of present and future generations.


  • Master & community planning
  • Organizational capacity building
  • Strategic planning
  • Infrastructure assessment and recommendation development
  • Project financing support using both private and governmental resources
  • Financial analysis projections
  • Outreach to achieve diversity in project participation
  • Networking to solicit commercial tenants and anchors
  • Citizen participation program implementation for state and federally funded initiatives
  • Outreach for the development of local stakeholder support